elevator maintenance Saint JohnElevator Maintenance

Ascension Elevating Devices (AED) maintenance programs are designed to give you peace of mind by ensuring your elevators are maintained to the highest standards, and thereby extending equipment life and minimizing downtime.

We offer unparalleled expertise and technical knowledge. When it comes to maintenance, our technicians and service are the best in the industry. Our stable workforce, ongoing technical training and years of experience in the elevator trade, will encourage your confidence in our service by knowing your elevator equipment, regardless of its age or its manufacturer, is in good hands.

We provide preventative maintenance and responsive emergency service for elevator equipment of all types. Our technicians will ensure passenger safety, comfort and reliable elevator service.  We offer a full range of service protection and preventative maintenance options to accommodate your budget and building requirements.

During every visit, we inspect and perform maintenance on key systems to ensure reliable service.  Our experienced team ensure that maintenance and repairs are done promptly and done correctly. You will not see multiple call-backs or extended periods of elevator downtime with AED.

Should you have an equipment failure, we are available for any emergency situation on a 24/7 basis. When you call AED you will speak with a person on our staff and not a call center operator from out of your service area.

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levator Modernization Saint John, Fredericton, MonctonModernization

All mechanical equipment including elevators has an end of life. Safety issues, repetitive repairs, inspection compliance or lack of performance will be a sign that it is time to upgrade or to modernize your existing elevator equipment. Modernizing equipment and upgrading to the latest technology improves passenger safety, tenant satisfaction, cosmetic appearance, efficiency and reliability. Your elevator is a long-term real estate investment.

Our elevator modernizations are customized to your specific needs. This can range from motors and doors to adding a new, non-proprietary control system. A modernized system reduces energy consumption, improves ride performance, elevator speed, and drastically reduces downtime and repair costs.

Elevator Modernizing can include:

  • Elevator controllers
  • Door operators and related mechanicals
  • Motors or power units
  • Fixtures and operating panels
  • Cab panels/walls, ceiling and lighting

Elevator modernization eliminates old and unreliable technology and outdated equipment. Old elevator equipment is prone to shutdowns, uneven floor landings, door problems and inadequate emergency equipment. Improving safety and peace of mind are two of the key benefits of an upgrade or modernization.

Ascension Elevating Devices (AED) uses non-proprietary elevator equipment during upgrades and modernizations whenever possible. This eliminates company specific equipment or software which means that any qualified contractor can work on your equipment.

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New Construction ElevatorsNew Elevator Construction

Ascension Elevating Devices Ltd. (AED) is highly experienced in working with architects, builders and business owners to install new state of the art elevators. Every building and each new elevator installation is unique. New construction elevators require planning and a professional approach. We customize the design and equipment directly to the needs and specifications of the project. Our experience in maintenance and repairs allows us to make recommendations to ensure that the equipment installed is right for the application and maintenance is easily accessible.

AED uses non-proprietary elevator equipment to ensure proper operation and replacement part availability in the future. This means that any qualified contractor can work on your equipment. This equipment can be installed in new and existing buildings.

We stand behind all of our work and don’t consider a project complete until the elevator is functioning without issues. We are here to support you throughout the life of the elevator with our highly trained and experienced staff.

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Disability Lifts Saint John, Quispamsis, Rothesay, MonctonDisability Lifts

Ascension Elevating Devices (AED) takes mobility issues seriously. If you wish to stay in your family home but are concerned with your safety in managing stairs, ask our disability lift specialist to provide a quote.  We have an uncompromising commitment to service excellence and we have the skill and knowledge to handle any mobility issues that require an elevator or an accessibility lift.

Our accessibility lift systems offer an economical solution when a staircase becomes an obstacle to climb.  We will address all concerns including narrow staircases to outdoor weather proof systems. With a wide selection of stair lifts to platform options for wheelchairs, we have a lift system suited to every individual's mobility needs.

Ascension Elevating Devices (AED) can install an elevator or staircase lift in your existing or new home construction.  Our years of experience give us an advantage to understand and work with general contractors and their teams to ensure your project goes smoothly. 


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